Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We Need Each Other!

Hi!  I pray you are finding joy in your journeys this week.  Regardless of how they're packaged, there is joy in knowing God's got a Perfect plan!

My journey continues.. If you didn't read my last post, you may want to. :)

The lesson so far this week has been a strong reminder to appreciate what we have & are capable of and also how much we need one another.

I have been often brought to pray for those who deal with chronic pain & for those who live with a hindrance of any kind.  Sometimes God allows us to feel or experience something simply to awaken ourselves to what others face regularly.  If you are facing a difficult season, try a new tactic... Use it as a chance to pray for others going through something similar.  Taking your focus off yourself will give you a whole new perspective & allow you to be part of a solution instead of the problem.

The other side of this week has been one of appreciation for others.  It is amazing what cannot be done with one hand, at least not easily or the way you've always done it before.  It is also amazing what you can accomplish that you never thought you could.. Or ever cared to try before!  I've learned persistence can look rather clumsy or awkward at first, but it can produce a ton!  For instance, ever squeeze mousse from a can into the same hand holding the can?  Good for a few sighs & several laughs but I finally did it!  Yesterday, in the office, I had a good chuckle at trying to place a stack of papers in a folder and file it.  After a few different attempts, I found one that worked.

But there are some things I cannot come up with how to do... Cutting a piece of meat, putting my hair up, tying my shoes, opening some bottles, etc...

 We need each other.  We are not meant to be alone or to go it alone.  We are not meant to be super-human or unwilling to accept help, nor are we supposed to ignore the needs of those around us.  I have needed help from friends & family and also from strangers.  Most have been more than willing, many have offered assistance before I even asked.
A few have been oblivious, only focused on their own needs, helping when asked but with a measure of annoyance.

 Thank you to everyone who has given of themselves for me.. Including notes & flowers!

As I reflect on these things, it makes me want to do better.. I want to see needs & help before I'm asked; to be more aware of those around me, including strangers when I'm out in public; to go the extra step; to be wise enough to know when to help & when to let someone learn; likewise, to be willing to learn myself but humble enough to receive from others.

 These needs do not just apply to the physical.. They are spiritual & mental as well.  Sometimes we learn by seeing, other times by doing.  Sometimes we are to set the example, other times we are to teach by allowing the student to get their hands dirty.

Lord, you tell us to be wise as serpents & gentle as doves.  May the Holy Spirit guide us to be this way with those around us each day!

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  1. Wow! You are on quite an adventure--but you have had several "adventures" in the past that God has brought you through with we have faith He'll do it again. Wishing I could be closer and help out, but you'll be in our prayers. Love reading your blog. So many thing coincide with things going on in my life and it is a blessing to know I am not the only one! Thank you.