Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I thought I might share some thoughts I had last night with you.Hope you don't mind! :)

I have to admit... I've never really been one to "reflect on last year" on New Year's Eve or Day. I've always just enjoyed the holiday and moved on to the new year. This year was different....

I spent some time last night thinking over the past year. As with most anyone looking back on a significant period of time, there were ups and downs; things I am proud of and things I wish I had done different; good times and hard; etc...

I was able to make a small list of things I want to improve in 2011. Not resolutions per say... more like learning from the past and making some changes to make them better next time.

I also made a list of things that I am really grateful for and posted it on my mirror so I will be reminded often of how good God has been to my family.

And of course there was the couple of things that I resolved to do... exercise, go to bed earlier, etc... One thing I have learned to do well, through my business, is make goals and then make them happen. So I am feeling much more confident in the things I'd like to improve actually happening this time!

But, something that I got to thinking about that I found a bit interesting and you may too.... The phrase "Happy New Year". This is most often said to others as a passing comment that we mean to be "I hope you have a Happy New Year coming your way!"

Well... instead of saying that to you, I am making a minor adjustment... "MAKE this a Happy New Year!"

We have the ability to have a Happy 2011. We know from past experience that stuff is gonna happen. Some of us are going through good times now and hardships or struggles are just not in our vision. Some of us are facing those struggles now and good times seem something of the distant past or even worse... someone other people have, but not you. But either way, we know there WILL be ups and downs; things we are proud of and things we will wish we did different; good times and hard. How we face ALL these things and in what way we react will ultimately decide if we have a Happy 2011.

So... if you only make one resolution this New Year, let it be this... "I will make 2011 a HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

One more thing... but definitely the most important one... never forget the ONLY source of TRUE, unfailing happiness... Christ! I pray your year is filled with Christ's Happiness!

Blessings to you!