Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Reflections on Hard Work and God's Blessings

We got some really fun news today... A promotion in my business, of sorts!! I say 'of sorts' because a promotion is something you get at your job when you've worked hard to have someone else see that you are worth a better position. That's not really what happened here... Because I own my own business, I am the one to give myself a raise or keep me at status quo or even fire myself!!

And in this case, it was not a matter or "deserving" a promotion, it was a matter of setting a goal for myself and my business and working until it happened. Is not most of life like that? We have dreams, we set goals, and we work toward them... or not! Most of us stop at having dreams. A few of us set goals. Some will start working. Most don't keep working until we reach them.

That used to be me! Mostly because, until I starting working with some really smart people, I never understood the value of setting goals and making plans to get there. I was in the "that would be nice and I hope it happens someday" mode of life. Not much chance of that happening!! In fact, when I first started setting goals... I thought it was kinda hokey. I knew what I had to do, why'd I have to write them down? Well, writing them down and being specific has made a difference!! I just reached one of my biggest goals ever!

Writing the goals is only one small step though... You gotta work!! And often work HARD! And often fail! But keep going... you will get there if you persevere and learn from your failures.

One other piece of this pie, in fact, the largest piece... live your life so that you can receive the blessings of God. Do everything ethically. Don't cut corners, don't cheat along the way. Help others and make them the priority of everything you do. You will be a much happier person and God will be "well pleased!"

Off to celebrate and enjoy the fruit for a couple days, then on to new goals! :)