Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Fun "Little" Thing that created something big....

I was out shopping today.  Actually out making returns.  I had purchased supplies for a few craft projects for Christmas and was returning the supplies I didn't need.   Went into Target for quick return and was blessed with a short line.   Three young girls behind the counter were friendly and smiling.   I overheard their conversation while I was waiting in line.   

Hi Everyone!  I pray you had wonderful time together for the Holidays.  We have enjoyed much love and fellowship with friends and family and some much appreciated down time too!

Even though it's been a while since I posted, I am going to share just a short little story today...

"I am craving popcorn."

"We sometimes get some from the snack shop... it's only a $1.50... if we all find a couple quarters in our pockets we could get some."

One girl looked in her pockets while the other 2 girls were helping the customers in front of me.   My turn...  the second girl finished up and no one else was in line so she waited for the girl helping me.   Just as she was finishing my return, she said... "so, should I go get popcorn?"   I didn't wait to hear the replies from the other girls... I headed out the store.

As I was heading out the door, the Spirit prompted me...  "buy them popcorn."

I thought... oh, that would have been nice but I am already leaving and Marc is in the car waiting for me.   Then I quickly was reminded of how the Lord has been teaching many of us about simple acts of showing love.   Back in the store I went!   Walked over and bought some popcorn for $1.46.   Walked back to the return counter and handed the girls the bag and said "Happy New Year!"    They all got huge smiles, showed their surprise and replied with hearty thank-yous. 

I walked back out of the store with a HUGE smile and an incredible feeling of love, hope, pleasure, and joy in my spirit!

And the best part... it only took 5 extra minutes and cost me less than a cup of tea!!!

Hmmm....  I'm on a mission... everywhere I go, I want to spread love and joy!   It's so incredibly simple and doesn't have to cost anything!   So often a simple smile and compliment will do the trick! 

So who's day will you change today??   (By the way, don't wait til you go out... we can do the same for someone right in our own home!!)  :)

Have an incredible NEW YEAR!!  It's not dependent on our circumstances... it's dependent on what we do with the opportunities before us!