Sunday, April 11, 2010


What a great end to a great weekend!! What a privilege to be with these precious faces EVERY day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family - An Amazing Word

Hello Everyone,

I'm feeling pretty sentimental tonight! The last few months have made me re-examine my own commitment to my family as well as NOT taking them for granted. Serious health issues for my husband, completely altering day-to-day life... Ongoing concerns for my father's health... Having a teen son that is really a great kid and watching him become a solid young man, and realizing he will be in high school and old enough to hunt this year and driving in another year after that!.... Having my pre-teen son change from a little boy to a teen.... Having my 8 yr. old baby still love me but realizing I was not the woman he wanted to marry someday.... Having a new baby, my great-nephew, born, a whole new generation.... And having everyone together this weekend for my neice-to-be's wedding shower, except my brother and missing him a ton!... Dear friends who are facing unbelievable challenges with their son... and that's just to name a few! :)

Family... it's a word that can bring on any and every emotion that you can conjure up. It's a word that encompasses incredible amounts of our lives. It's a word that I love!

God has blessed me abundantly! I am so grateful for the joy that Family brings me. I am overwhelmed at what a blessing they are. Thank you, Lord, for my family!! And Thank You, Lord, for all the time that I get to spend with them!!