Saturday, November 29, 2014

I pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!   We've enjoyed a very relaxing weekend and time together.   We genuinely have much to be thankful for.  Don't forget to be thankful EVERY DAY!  :)

Sometimes you see something in your everyday life that the Holy Spirit uses to speak to you.  Recently, I watched a video that a friend had posted on FB and it spoke volumes to me.   Thought I'd share a few things.   First, Take a look....

Girl Helps Horse Overcome Fear of Water

 Cute, huh?!!  Did you get more than cute?  :)

One thing that first came to me was that the horse was intrigued but unwilling at first.   How often are we the same way?   Ever intrigued at something new but not really willing to jump in?  It's sometimes scary trying something new but when God is telling you to do it, you can be assured that it WILL be worth overcoming your fears and the experience will be incredible and lasting!

When the girl first encourages the horse, it's from above.. riding it.  In the horses mind, it probably trusts it's owner but with her being in a position of not actually experiencing the water herself, the horse is hesitant.  This made me think of how we are with others too...  have you ever tried to get someone to try something new by pushing or 'riding' them?   Telling them it will be great but not really fully engaging yourself?   You may have experienced it yourself at some other time and know it will be great for them, but if they weren't there to witness it, it's just a new and terrifying experience to them.   Does God do this to us?   Force us to do something without fully participating in it Himself?  NEVER!!  God is always right there with us... not watching from above, not pushing us to do something while He rides along!  He is walking right along with us, enjoying every moment by our side!

How do you encourage others?   Have you ever wanted to show Christ to someone?   Did you hit them over the head with scriptures?   Tell them what to get rid of or change?   Push them to come to church with you?   How'd it work out?   On the other hand, how do people react when we come alongside, helping without an agenda, a smile in passing, a genuine compliment, buying a cup of coffee, etc...   Don't we have a much better reaction when we walk in their shoes and show them what having Christ in our lives really is like?

She gets it... she gets off his back and gets to his level.  She leads instead of pushes.  She shows him the way... starting slow and encouraging from the front.   He hesitates a little more but his trust in her is enough to overcome his fears!!  Is your trust in our loving Father enough to overcome quickly and enter into all the greatness He has for you??

Then not only does the horse enjoy.... he gets all in!!!  Fully enjoying the experience and soaking them both in the glory of the moment!!   Just as we do... when we enter into the best God has for us, letting go of all our inhibitions then we soak in His Glory!  and our act of trust and obedience then sends the Glory back to our Father and we soak Him as well!

Is your relationship with him one where it's give AND take?   Do you realize that your joy and obedience and trust and love gives Him as much pleasure as it does us?   God is not a Big Being sitting on His throne and commanding from above... He is our relative, desiring a real, constant, tangible relationship with us.   Walking alongside and welcoming us to join Him in some incredible things.   Don't be afraid... He will only ask us to do things that will bring about His best in us!

Please comment and share things the Spirit showed you....



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