Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lessons from the Beach - Tuesday

Hi!  Another walk on the beach this morning and another lesson God showed me....

Have you ever really looked at broken pieces of glass?   Jagged, sharp, possibly painful, worthless... all things that come to mind.   Certainly not something of beauty!   

As I walked along this morning, there were a ton of shells pieces and stones that had washed up on shore and I began searching for sea glass.    Last year, my son found a piece while walking along the beach and he and my Mother made it into a beautiful necklace for me for Christmas.

So what happened to make something so worthless and ugly and jagged into something of beauty and treasure?    Agitation!   Time!   Being constantly churned in the waves and the sand of the ocean began to smooth the rough edges.   The grating of the sand brings a softness to the surface of the glass and gives it a lighter hue.   It takes a while but eventually the ocean washes the piece back on the shore and it gets picked up by people and treasured for themselves or sold for much value.

So it is with us.....   before Christ, we are jagged, sharp, sometimes ugly in our actions or behavior, often causing pain to others or ourselves, even considered worthless to some.   But when Christ comes to us and we allow complete control to have him work with us, we become something beautiful, treasured and of great worth!   

While the glass is in the ocean, it has no control what happens to it.   It is tossed too and fro, with no ability to stop what is happening to it.    So must we be with Christ.... surrendering control to Him, allowing Him to work out all the areas that are rough and need softening.   And when the working out is finished, we are found to be precious.    Even rare... it's quite hard to find sea glass.     I found none this morning.   But I will keep looking, this week, as I continue to be polished and softened by God's loving waves!

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