Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lessons From The Beach - Friday

Well... my morning walks on the beach this week got waylaid for a few days with an intestinal bug but I was able to go again on the last day of our trip.

I have always enjoyed watching the Sandpipers.  They are fun little birds with oval bodies, short legs and long beaks.   They run just along the edge of the water in and out with the waves.   They remind my of my oldest Jordan when we first started going to the Outer Banks.   He was 2 and he would run right up to the edge of the water and then as soon as a wave came in, he would run back again.   He would do that for hours!   But he never went IN the water!

Anyway, I was watching the Sandpipers, enjoying their little game and then got to really thinking about what they were doing.   They were getting food.  In fact, I watched one get a fairly large beetle, I think, and gobble it down.   The waves were bringing in their food.   They would stand right on the waters edge and as soon as it would start to go back in, they were right behind grabbing any good vittles before it got too far down into the sand.   

Little sand crabs do the same thing, only at night.   If you ever go the beach, go at night with a flashlight.   The sand crabs are all over the place.   During the day, they are burrowed deep into the sand.   My husband caught some one time and we looked up what they eat.   They get their food from the sand and what the waves wash up onto the beach each day.

Both these creations get their provisions from the daily washing in and out of the waves.   God provides all they need.   They just have to be there when it comes to grab it up.   And they trust that everyday those waves will keep coming.

Just as we can be sure that God will always provide!   We just need to trust it, and be there waiting on Him when He does.   Even in the midst of our storms, the waves are bringing in things that will provide for our needs.    He will never leave us or forsake and He is ALL we ever need!

This week has been a time of refreshing for my soul.   And a time of seeing tempest and turmoil in a different light.   I pray that some of what I've shared with you will be a blessing and encouragement to press on and stay close to Christ.   No matter what you face today or will face tomorrow or have faced in your past, Jesus knows; Jesus cares; Jesus understands; Jesus longs for you to cling to Him with every fiber of energy you have, great or small, and TRUST!   Trust He is and always will have your best at heart.



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  1. Beautiful word pictures and great lessons. Thank you for sharing. Cyndi