Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hi Everyone!   Tired of winter?   Sick of the snow?   Ready for Spring?   Need a break?

How many of us have heard these sentiments in the past week?   Or said them ourselves?  Or minimally thought them?!

I have... and I don't normally get frustrated with winter.  I can't say I love it, but I don't usually get too worn out until Aprilish when we start to have the glimmers of spring... a nice warm day.  Melting snow.  Sunshine.   Then... BAM!... a snow storm!   That's when I start to grumble.

This year, however, I'm getting there sooner.   Along with everyone else in WNY, NE PA, MA, ONT and several places in between and around us!  :)

If we are willing, there is something spiritual to learn and gain in EVERYTHING. 

I had "one of those mornings" today...  didn't want to get up at 6am, stuck in the driveway, left late so hit the worst of the morning commuter traffic, 2 1/2 hrs of traffic and snow covered roads, couldn't get up the last hill before home, turned into a driveway to go back and try a different hill, got stuck in that driveway, got pulled out by a wonderful South Wales volunteer fireman, missed a call for work, late for a date with my boys... and that was all before 9am!!  :)

So... what lesson to learn today....   I thought I was doing pretty good... even with all the "crud", I still had a pretty good attitude.  I was praying positively.  Thankful for God's safety in travels; provisions with the snow blower and my son, Caleb, who got up early to get things blown out at home; thankful for the man who stopped to help me out; thankful that he taught me something about traction control on my car; thankful that I made it up the second hill; repentant of my attitude about my car tires (asked forgiveness in the middle of the second hill and immediately got a surge of traction that got me over the hump!).

So, overall, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  That was my first mistake!   Who am I to take credit for doing the right thing?   Without Christ, I am NOT that good!   Without Christ's love, I don't admit when I'm wrong and seek to repair it!   Without the Spirit guiding me, I make dumb decisions on a regular basis!    Ok.. humility brought me back to a place of knowing where my strength comes from and giving the glory to God!

After getting home, quickly changing and flying back out the door for a field trip with the boys, I settled into the drive and starting speaking with God again...  "Lord, we really have had no breaks this winter.   It's getting a bit old and it's old February.   And now you are sending this major chill this weekend.   You know how much I hate the cold!   Could we just get a little reprieve for a couple weeks?  I'm not alone... everyone is feeling it this year."

His reply,  "If you can't handle a slightly long, steady winter, then how will you ever manage spiritually "long" seasons?"


"There are times when there may not be much movement in your life... at least by your standards (I'm always working!).   There will be seasons when it gets mundane to your human understanding.  I will ask you to stick it out, stay the course, press through, keep doing what I've asked, even if YOU don't see the results yet.   I NEED you to learn to persevere when it's cold, boring, same old, same old, monotonous.   I NEED workers willing to do the long, hard stuff.  It's not always going to be sunshine and roses or adventurous battles.   Are you willing?"

"Yes, Lord!  I'm willing!  Help me to have strength I don't yet possess and to find joy in the "mundane".   Give me new eyes to see the benefit of the long, hard, stick-to-it, hang-in-there stuff!"

I pray you all find the same...  a renewed energy and passion for this winter... physically AND spiritually!

PS.. My husband bought me new tires today!  :)   Thank You!

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  1. You're a warm ray of Sonshine on a dark cold day!