Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Looking forward to Celebrating Christ's Birth

Good Morning! I was just sitting down and going through the things I want to do before Christmas arrives. The list is not short but not overwhelming either. We have always been a family that tries to make many of our gifts and this year is not an exception.

However, I was reminded of a Christmas just a few years ago that was so overwhelming and crazy that I did not enjoy it at all! It was a year that I decided I did not have time to "make" anything and instead went shopping for all my gifts. ARGH!!! It was a total mess. I was unhappy, frustrated, never home and found myself spending more time than ever before and got less done.

Good Lesson Learned! It's not about getting to give because you have to. It's about loving to give because you want to! And that changes everything! Attitude. It is huge! Not just at Christmas time but in everything we do in life!

I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom and have my kids home with me too! There are so many things we have time to do together and enjoy together and I would not trade that for anything! God has been good to us and honored our commitment to Him, family and hard work. I could ask for no more!

Take time, today, to enjoy a moment with your family. Put on some Christmas music, light the tree, make hot cocoa and craft an ornament for everyone on your list. You will love it! Your kids will love it!! And those who receive them will be glad you took time together to do something special for them!!!

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